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1 Jan 1870 The Bourbaki Panorama. September 2021:  Inspired by the Swiss humanitarian Henry Dunant, the Bourbaki Panorama depicts the care given to the men of a defeated army and highlights the role of the Red Cross in future conflicts.
6 Aug 1870 Battle of Spicheren August 2005: An example of how the French high command managed to turn a potential victory into a defeat.
18 Aug 1870

Battle of Mars–la–Tour and Gravelotte/St Privat.

Mars la Tour – Postcards from the collection of Jean Francois Risi

September 2017: The battles of August 1870 between France and Germany at the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War, were to show glaring problems in the command structure of both sides. Sadly for the French their top brass proved more incompetent than the German, allowing the latter to be victorious on numerous occasions where they should have been decisively defeated.
18 Aug 1870 The von Blumenthal Family at Gravelotte September 2017: During our visit to Gravelotte/St Prival, we were accompanied by Henry von Blumenthal. This article gives brief biographies of members of his family who were some of the commanders on the battlefiled.