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1 Jan 1912 Battle Scenes depicted in moving pictures before C.G.I. November 2020: When moving pictures became a popular form of entertainment for the masses it was obvious that, besides using this new media to show many aspects of day to day life and vistas thus far unobtainable to all but a small percentage of the worlds population, it would not take a great leap in the minds of the pioneers of cinematography to push the bounds of this new art form into other aspects of culture.
1 Jan 1773 General Baron Nicholas – Philippe Guye January 2017: Having spent almost three decades researching details on General Guye I am now convinced that my Swiss partner is related, albeit indirectly owing to the general himself being without issue, to the Guye family.
  Guest Book Jan 2006: These pages record comments from older versions of the site dating back to January 2003.
  Outdoor Wargames October 2009: Just for you good folk who have contacted me concerning military history and war gaming – I have indeed played many war games, but not necessarily ones along conventional lines.
  Swiss Military Tactics June 2010: The fighting qualities that made the Swiss one of the most feared and respected military powers in Europe had been nurtured over many centuries.

US Cavalry

 July 2004: The Lessons of the American Civil War and European Cavalry Tactics