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  1. Hirnmy name is Henry – i am a figure painter from vienna.
    My new project is a diorama about Königgrätz 1866. At the moment im looking for a complete list of all regiments for the Prussian

  2. Just found your site and am very impressed with the Kulm article. Would like to know if I can obtain a copy of the booklet?


  3. I have sent an "off-line" reply to Marks comments concerning my Sharpsburg battlefield article.rnMark makes some very varlid points

  4. I note that Arthur Barbara has passed-away. It is quite sad that there will be very few people to keep the memory of these battlefields alive.rnGood luck and keep on reserching!rnrnRay

  5. Excellent website – many insightful and varied nuggets of information. My (board)wargaming group played Solferino by GMTgames and found the panoramas particularly apt.

  6. Please note change of email address for further contact off site.rnMaps and army listings avalible only by contacting me on the email address herewith.

  7. Nice to see some of the old battlefields mentioned. You may remember me from one of the Fontenoy trips?rnrnKeep up the good work

  8. I just read with extreme interest and deep sadness your wonderful report on the butchery at Malplaquet…One of my ancestors was a Saxon and took part in the battle…according to family lore

  9. Hello Mr. Morris. I just wanted you to know that I referenced your website in my blog. I also appreciated the thoroughness of your research and relied on your information extensively while writing my alternate history

  10. For all who have contacted me off site concerning battlefield ghosts.rnMy website title "Anomalies"does not include sprits other than the ones found in a bottle!

  11. Bravo on an excellent website on the Franco-Prussian War. It helped me very much in my research paper. Dont worry

  12. Excellent site. I especially enjoyed reading about The Risorgimento and Solferino.rnWould be interested in what sources you have for Solferino.

  13. Excellent reading. I intend to visit the Malplaquet battlefied soon. A few (repeated) misspellings here and there: to my knowledge

  14. Very interesting and informative site. But i disagree with your Caradocs last stand position. I hope also to prove in time that it was indeed Cefn Carnedd hill where the last great battle was executed. Regards and best wishes.

  15. Many thanks for the best information on the Battle of Solferino Ive found on the web ! A few days ago (August 2009) I visited the site. Unfortunately I appeared more or less unprepared and all inforamtion at the two local exhibitions is in Italian only. The most informative showieces are a set of 6 very detailed french maps

  16. Interesting site. I found it while searching for info on the Battle of Koniggratz. I recently was given a copy of a "certificate" that my great grandfather was given in 1867 for participation in this battle. He was awarded a medal in the form of a cross for capturing three bronze cannons from the enemy. It was awarded at Liebenwalde. I am trying to get the document translated .

  17. Thanks for your wonderful web site. I came here researching Caradoc and ended up staying for quite a while reading about Gettysburg

  18. Describing "The Charge" at Eylau you mention that the cavalry probably advanced at walking pace. This made me think of the statement in the book "La Grande Armee" that a cavalry charge normally advanced at about 300 metres in one minute (18kph) and was more like a canter than a hell for leather dash that most people probably assume.rnCan you comment on this general statement?

  19. I notice youre not into the positive side of British Military History.nnAlot of your casualty counts contradict what Ive read elsehwere

  20. Thanks for your detailed and informative article on the Great Northern War. I was drawn there through an internet search on George Ogilvie

  21. My thanks to all who have contacted me "off site" concerning more details on the battle of Solferino.rnrnI have now placed all of the "still" photographs onto disc. The price is £6.00

  22. Congratulations on a truly excellent website. There is no substituite for being there but this is the next best thing.

  23. Very excellent batle website – I have just discovered it. I will certainly be a regular visitor and recomendet it to my friends. Thanks

  24. Thanks for the invaluable information on the battle of Eylau..I was doing research tonight so that I can build a map for my club (we play a Napoleonic mod for AC/Fight Back). Love your diorama pics

  25. Very interesting webportal about the War. I have found much here that is original. Interesting article about The Port Arthur.

  26. I love this site. I have a few paintings that were left to me by a family friend .they were painted by faber du four the son of otto faber du four. can anny one help me with this . How mush $ might they be worth. Thanks John

  27. An impressively comprehensive site. My main interest is the Russian army of the 7 YW; I have a fair amount of data on the British

  28. Interesting article on the Battle. Heilsberg article is very thorough with excellent interpretation. Thanks for a great website!

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