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  1. I have been trying to follow up a reference to the fact that the 5th Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers ended their service in WWI on the battlefield of Fontenoy. This site has enabled me to realise that Antoing which they reached by crossing the River Scheldt on the 10th November is on the site of the battle.My Father was serving in the battalion.Thankyou

  2. This site contains some wonderful stuff that made me think and reconsider much of what I thought I knew. Your articles on Eylau should be mandatory reading for those of us who have missed the significance of the level of logistical effort required to bring to armies together to punch the living daylights out of each other. On my favourites list

  3. Very good site. I hope you manage to record some of the battlefields of the late Napoleonic period (1814) so that people can see what they look like today.rnChris

  4. I wish I had discovered this excellent site prior to a recent visit to Malplaquet. The map and panorama is very impressive. How about Ramillies next?rnBest regards

  5. Nice site. We Irish have a number of well preserved battlefields. Maybe one day you could bring your camara over and take some photographs?rnKind wishes

  6. Some good stuff here. I hope you manage to visit more battlefields and show us what they look like today.rnPaul

  7. Hi Graham!rnHappy New Year. Hope to see you at the conference this year.rnDo you expect to have the Neerwinden battle on-line soon?rnKeep up the good work.rnDave

  8. I notice youre not into the positive side of British Military History.rnrnAlot of your casualty counts contradict what Ive read elsehwere

  9. Hello!rnrnI just found this page. Excellent work. You have write about Poltava and I wonder if you are intrested in 2 other battle on swedish ground. The battle of Lund

  10. I have a problem with your Eylau article. Do you consider that the battle was not as it has been stated in historical sources?rnHaving said that I did find your site very interesting.rnRegards

  11. Dear all at Battlefield Anomalies. I have been very impressed with the articles on this site-well done!rnMaybe you could cover some of the more obscure battles from the Zulu War of 1879

  12. Hi there Graham!rnI belive I met you at the Battlefields Trust conference. When are we going to see this article on Flodden?rnI enjoyed this site very much.rnDavid

  13. Koniggratz article is very thorough with excellent interpretation. Like others who have signed the guestbook I can only concur in the great job that you are doing and hope that the site grows in the future.

  14. Interesting article on the Battle of Eylau. I do not understand why the battle has not be looked at from your perspective before?

  15. Very interesting site. I have found much here that is original. The Eylau article should be expanded to take in other aspects of the battle.rnWell done.rnPete

  16. Hi All !rnMany thanks for your input and goodwill.rnI have found that there is a problem with some email postings to this site

  17. Your site is one of only a handful who have taken the trouble to deal with the Russo-Japanese War. Why more attention has not been paid to this world shaping event is very strange

  18. I think this site is very well done. I am a young student living in the USA and would like to see more articles dealing with leaders and their contribution to warfare.

  19. I must admit that your site has improved my otherwise lack of good information concerning all matters military!

  20. I think your site is well done. Im looking for overseas friends who have an interest in military history and weapons. Im in L.A.

  21. Caradoc rnrnSo pleased that at long last Caradoc gets the mention he deserves!rnI made it a personal project to get to know more about him. Apparently catismandua was his mother-in-law!!! I also thought that Togidimus was killed at the Medway ? Shame no mention of the Bataviun swimmers who swam the medway and cut the throats of Caradocs horses.rnGreat site.

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